Welcome to The SATTVIC Method company, your number one source for a consciousness-based lifestyle. We are dedicated to teaching and inspiring you to design the conscious life you want. We believe in the activism principle which multiplies the sattvic qualities in you giving you joy in doing. On TheSattvicMethodCompany.com you will find traditional time-tested and perfected recipes, food, courses, and books in every aspect of consciousness-centered life. We are here to help you celebrate the holidays, keep you connected with health news, and encourage you to be active.

The Sattvic Method Company also offers a step-by-step healing process based on the sattvic principles that heal by transforming the energy and providing mental clarity. It’s a holistic approach to wellness based on ancient principles of gunas with a focus on four primary areas. Food as medicine for the consciousness, mind, body, and soul is only one of them. Our mission is to help people regain or revitalize their health through conscious methods so they can experience life joyfully and be successful in all areas of life.

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